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Mitsuru Kudo Guest Lecture

Developing a model of public engagement with science, technology and innovation policy in Japan

Tuesday 28th January 2014, 4.00-5.30pm,

Location: Fulton Building Room 112


Our public engagement project aims to develop a model to incorporate diverse public opinions on science, technology and innovation (STI) into the government policy. The current working model places an emphasis on collaboration with interested policymakers and employs back-casting as the model of policymaking. After running the model for about a year, we now recognise various issues that prevent the model from functioning as an effective, robust mechanism for engaging the public with STI policy-making. In this seminar, I will discuss an overview of the project, its major outcomes so far, and the most difficult challenges we are currently facing. Mitsuru Kudo is a research associate at the Kyoto University, Japan, specialising in science communication. He has more than ten years experience in both researching and practising public engagement with science and technology. He is near completion of his doctoral research on Japanese science communication policy and practice.

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