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Douglas Sipp guest lecture

Sussex Asian Studies Lecture Series/ Bionetworking in Asia presents:

Thursday 19 April, 4pm – 6 pm

‘Clinical translation of stem cell research in Asia: Strides forward and missteps’

Douglas Sipp – Science Policy and Ethics Studies Unit, RIKEN, Center for Developmental Biology, Kobe. Japan

Countries in East and Southeast Asia regard stem cell research and regenerative medicine as central to developing a leading position in biotechnology and biomedicine. But in several notable cases application-oriented research and clinical experimentation are prioritized over a responsible, rigorous, safe, and ethical approach. Douglas Sipp will review historical and socioeconomic factors that led to this situation, and provide a summary of problem areas in the clinical translation of stem cell research, and the steps taken by various Asian countries to remedy this.

Doug Sipp’s work focuses on issues in the clinical application and commercialization of stem cell therapeutics and stem cell research in the Asia-Pacific region. He widely publishes in the field, and serves on numerous committees and editorial boards in the fields of developmental and stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine.

Doug Sipp will be talking on the 19th of April, from 4pm-6pm in Arts A005, Arts C Building. All are welcome.