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Chinese Medicine in East Africa: how trade relations affect medical practice

Public Lecture Series

24th October (Friday), 3-5pm

Venue: C333, Arts C Building


Elisabeth Hsu

Professor in Anthropology at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Green Templeton College. 

Over the last decade, small-scale Chinese medical practices have made inroads into East Africa, spreading out thinly throughout its urban areas and catering to clientele from all walks of society. This lecture highlights how international trade relations andregulations affect their medical practice at the grassroots. On a theoretical level, this lecture critiques the concept of culture as defined by sameness in terms of religion, language, and territory. Rather, cultural life emerges as realms within which difference is recognised and responded to, turning ‘the other’ into an ‘inclusive other’, particularly in the context of reproductive health.

Staff and students are all welcome!

For inquiries: C.K.Chekar@sussex.ac.uk or H.C.Chang@sussex.ac.uk

Negotiating Bioethics: Lifting the lid on the UNESCO Bioethics Programme (2004-2012)

Center for BionetworkingPublic Lecture Series

1st October (Wed), 4pm-6pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 144, Jubilee Building


Adèle Langlois

University of Lincoln


The UNESCO Bioethics Programme (1993) has navigated moral discourses in science and technology, in particularly in relation to the human body, and has adopted three international declarations, on human genomics and genetics and on bioethics. Based on fieldwork in Kenya, South Africa and at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, Adèle Langlois will ‘lift the lid’ on the drafting process behind these declarations – the power imbalances, the compromises and the breakthroughs. She will also show how the declarations have influenced research ethics at national level.


Adèle Langlois is a senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln.
Her book, Negotiating Bioethics, was published by Routledge in 2013.


For inquiries: C.K.Chekar@sussex.ac.uk or H.C.Chang@sussex.ac.uk